All Souls’ Remembrance

The souls of the righteous are in the hand of God, and no torment shall touch them. They seemed, in the view of the foolish, to be dead; and their passing away was thought an affliction and their going forth from us, utter destruction. But they are in peace. For if to others, indeed, they seem punished, yet is their hope full of immortality; chastised a little, they shall be greatly blessed, because God tried them and found them worthy of Himself. Wisdom 3:1-5

Nassau & Anne Acosta
Frances & John Alesci
Lorine & Joe Alesci
The Alexander Family
All Souls in Purgatory
Eddie Anthony
Freddie Anthony
Paul Baumeister
Juanita Bello
The Bloom Family
The Boyd Family
Robert & Susie Brandley
Robert Brandley, Jr.
Bob Bryant
Jerry Bryant(2)
Kelly & Margaret Bryant
Robert & Julia Bryant
Susie & Frank Carpenter
Basil Carrabotta
Joseph & Leona Carrabotta
Marianne Carrabotta
Paul & Kim Carrabotta
Pilar Carrillo
Mrs. Copeland
Cathy David
Tom Davis
Michael Davy
Molly Deblois
Sadie & Joseph DeLeonard, Sr.
Lisa DeLoach
Bob Doyle
Fr Faraher
Charles Ferlino, Sr.
Louise Ferino
Parker & Nita Forcer
Jeff Frio
Jon Gardner
Socorro Garate
Bill Gray
Ed Gray
Sadie Gray
Ella Mae Hale
Christabel Haynes
Willie & Bessie Heggler
John Hertzke
Marianne Hill
Roy Jaeger
Edna Johnson
Fr Bill Jones
Bill Jones
Leonora Jones
Margaret Jones
Dee Joseph
Carol & Lawrence Karch
Catherine Kelly (2)
Fr John Jelly, S.J.
John Thomas Kelly (2)
Joseph G. Kelly (2)
Julia Wang Kelly (2)
Margaret & Louis Kulovitz
Bonnie Lee
Fr Leonard
Grandfather Lester
Grandmother Lester
Fr Gordon Lester
Robert Lester
Joel Levenberg
Julia Lewis
Harry Long
Isaac Long
Londis Long
Martha Long
Mary Long
Robert & Mattie Long
Crawford Mabee
Douglas Mabee
Kathryn Mabee
Elizabeth Mahan
Sarah Mahan
Lee Maniscalco
Paul Maniscalco
Sam & Josephine Maniscalco
Sam Maniscalco, Jr.
Syndey & Mary Alice Marks
Anthony Morris
Amber Mason
Eugene Mason
Ronnie Mason
Sheila Mason
Mary Matthews
The Meadows Family
August & Josephine Nettleman
Albert F. Ostrosky
Frances Padalino
David Pandelis
Jeanette Pandelis
Jimmie Pandelis
Josephine & Mike Passantino
Rick Phillips
Ginny Pirkle
The Putnam Family
Anna Ransom
Gracie Ransom
Pete Ransom
Raymond Ransom
Rebecca Rice
Hector Sanchez
Millesande Savoy
Eileen & Jack Schauer
Mr. & Mrs. John Schauer, Sr.
Sara & Hamp Schauer
Helen Schmitt
Carmella & Peter Severino
The Sullivan Family
Stella & Roy Swaim
The Thomas Family
Rosie Tombrello
Elizabeth Tombrello
Frances Tombrello
Jack Tombrello
Joe & Vi Tombrello
Evie Trio
Howell Turner
Nell Turner
Augusta Valencia
Fernando R. Valencia
Fernando Valencia
Bertha Vargas
Glenn A. Varnell (2)
Glenn L. Varnell (2)
Edward Von Hagel, Sr.
Edward Von Hagel, Jr.
Helen Von Hagel
Howard Von Hagel
Infant Von Hagel
David Waligora
Tom Wall
The Wallace Family
Shirley Ware
Horace & Edith Wilcox
Tevin Williams
Eugene & Lucy Willis
Dennis G. Woods (2)
Julia Varnell Woods (2)