Una Voce

As part of their mission, Una Voce Northern Alabama sponsors Traditional Latin Masses throughout our diocese.

Whether you are seeking to establish a regular Latin Mass schedule at your parish, or if you are only interested in seeing the Mass celebrated on a one-time basis, Una Voce can help make arrangements for items such as the following:

Altar cards
Altar servers
Other costs

They maintain relationships with the priests in our diocese who have been trained in the Latin Rite, and maintain contacts with trained priests outside of our diocese as well. Therefore, they can assit you in locating a priest that would be able to to celebrate a Latin Mass at your parish.

They also sponsor training for priests seeking to learn the Traditional Latin Mass.

Additionally, they offer Latin Mass workshops that can take place before or after Mass, or at any scheduled time.

Please visit their website at www.unavocenorthernalabama.com